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                                        A Look At The Week
Sunday ,  august 19 th, 2020
we have now started Sunday School!!
                     10:45 am
Praise and Worship
Crosspoint Worship Center
                Message by Bo Hines, Sr. Pastor
              "The Lie Broke Down, The Lord Broke In"
                            Matthew 28:11-20                                        

                  Wednesday, Jun 17th,  2020
6:00 pm
           Prayer Service 
Crosspoint Worship Center
Message : Bo Hines, Sr. Pastor

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Note: Pastor Bo is preaches "expository" or "verse by verse".  You don't want to miss it, so come in, or tune in.  To view the sermons, go to CrossSermons on the website, and choose which sermon to view from the video library. God will bless the preaching of His Word.  We invite you to receive it.

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