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Our Vision
The Media Ministry at Crosspoint is a vital part of our church spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. From the lyrics and videos on the screens in the worship center, from the sound booth, to this very website, our ministry utilizes many diverse venues to spread the Good News.
Our ministry's primary goal is to enhance the worship experience that takes place here at Crosspoint. This is accomplished through the artistic use of sound, video and graphics. It is our desire to magify the Lord with our talents and tools He has given to us.
It is also important for us to share this worship experience with the world around us. We want to hear from people who have accepted Christ as their Savior through the broadcast of our services, both regionally and world-wide here on our website, and Podcasts.
Lastly, we strive to equip other ministries of Crosspoint with the resources they need to effectively use media in spreading the Gospel on a personal level.
Crosspoint Sermons
You can also hear Crosspoint sermons right here on the Crosspoint website. Simply go to the CrossSermons page.
Multimedia Outreach
If you are looking for outreach material please see our media director to discuss the many ways to reach our community, town, state, nation, and the world with Crosspoint multimedia tools. If it can be done our multimedia team can do it.
Is Media Ministry For You?
Do you have a burning desire to learn more about Crosspoint's digital state of the art media equipment? Do you want to know more about the media ministry of Crosspoint and how you can become a part of this ministry team? If so, our media director wants to hear from you. Crosspoint is always looking for God led adult men and women who want to be involved in the media ministry.
Here are a couple of things to consider when thinking about the media ministry here at Crosspoint. First, no matter what we are doing for the Lord we must give it our best! The operation of Crosspoint's audio, video, and digital recording equipment is a ministry to the Lord, to the members of Crosspoint, and each guest that comes to worship with us each week. Everything sang, said, and preached must be clear for all to hear. Therefore, you must be willing to give it your best undivided attention. You must be focused on the task at hand. Spiritual lives depend on being able to hear the word clearly. Second, you must be committed. Committed to give it your best. Committed to learn new things. Committed to be faithful in your attendance. Most of all committed to God who has led you to be part of the media ministry of Crosspoint.
Great blessings come from God each time you step into the media booth. Knowing you have a part in making the most important message in the world clear for all to hear.
You don't need to know a single thing about media to join this team. All you need to know is that God has led you to the media ministry. After God has led you the rest is simple. God will open your heart and mind to recieve all the things you will learn in order to bring about changed lives through the ministry of Crosspoint media.
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